Southwest Wine Center

Verde Valley Educational Wine Symposium

The year 2012 marked the first of many Annual Educational Wine Symposiums offered in Partnership with Yavapai College, The Verde Valley Wine Consortium, and the Arizona Wine Growers Association. This two-day symposium includes educational lectures, break out sessions, wine tasting, wine dinner, and Painted Barrel Auction.

This event not only provides an essential opportunity to bring in regional and national guest speakers on poignant topics, but has also served as a wonderful fundraiser for the organizations involved. (news article)

The Viticulture program is very hands on. You’re not just sitting in a classroom. You’re applying the knowledge in the field and networking with people already in the trade. I think it’s a great experience that we get to work side by side with established local vintners as part of our coursework. It’s like on-the-job-training at the same time.
Ted, Viticulture student

The Southwest Wine Center (SWC) at Yavapai College

The premier academic center for Viticulture and Enology in the Southwest extends its mission to be the supporting center for growers and winemakers in the region. The Southwest Wine Center ensures a trained workforce for the regional wine industry, serves as a catalyst for data collection and information sharing, provides a sounding board for emerging entrepreneurs, and creates unique collaboration opportunities in the business community.

The Southwest Wine Center is taking the initiative in developing “best practices” for arid region wine making and grape growing. Our winery is designed to be  a state-of-the-art LEED Certified facility, emphasizing efficiency in our buildings heating, cooling, lighting and insulation techniques. Going beyond sustainable certification, the building’s large roof will collect water for storage, making the Southwest Wine Center a Zero-Water Use Facility. 

Campaign Brochure for the Southwest Wine Center

At the core of the Southwest Wine Center

  • Academic Programs
  • 20-acre Student-Cultivated Vineyard
  • Full-Production Teaching Winery
  • Knowledge Gateway and Data Repository
  • Business Partnerships & Linkages

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A Multi-Purpose Hub for the Region

The Center serves as a hub of education, research, and rural economic development activity designed to support the burgeoning Arizona Wine Industry in achieving its potential as a quality wine-producing region.

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